Cleveland Hustle: "Downward Dogs and Proper Pigs"

Shane and Ted have made quite a splash inCleveland with their pork BBQ food truck, The Proper Pig.

Kathy Futey wants to invest in The Proper Pig as a stand-alone restaurant but first she has to know if Shane and Ted can handle it.

When Shane and Ted shy away from making breakfast because it's new to them, Bonin calls Jonathon to get his advice as a chef.

Shane and Ted are used to food truck rules so they don't event think about making this space look like anything more than a place to eat. It's not the restaurant experience that Kathy wanted to see.

Since they are not used to serving breakfast, the Proper Pig crew didn't plan their food supplies well. Towards the end of the day they run out of good brisket and they decide to close up shop.

Kathy gives Shane and Ted the bad news. She just doesn't think they are ready to open a real restaurant.

Anne Hartnett has already opened one fitness location, a cycle class. Can she now open a yoga shop?

Kathy Futey likes Anne's previous success but she wants to know if lighting can strike twice.

Anne has a great support system. She and her husband make calls trying to secure a space large enough for 70 yoga students. The solution is Cleveland Public Theatre.

Bonin enjoys the class and the class is packed! The question is how many of these students are from Gordon Square?

Anne gives her assessment to all of the investors. She had 230 students and earned well above the required $1,000 but only 60 of the students were local.

Anne is a vision of happiness when she gets the good news. Kathy is gong to loan her $200K and offer her consulting advice—for a small fee.

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