Cleveland Hustles: "Bagels or Blowouts"

Chareen Fountain and the staff of her beauty salon are ready to take Styles of Success to a whole new level. All they need is the right investor!

Alan Glazen sees something in Chareen and he visits her at work to get a sense of how she runs her business.

After being presented with the challenge of hiring twelve stylists for a pop up shop in 48 hours, Chareen gets busy making calls.

Bonin and Kumar stop by Chareen's salon after hours to make suggestions about a new name and branding direction.

It wasn't part of her challenge but Chareen takes it upon herself to create a business plan and distribute it to all of the investors.

Chareen doesn't get the news she wants but she takes it well and immediately refocuses on finding the right investor.

Dan Herbst and Geoff Hardman don't have a freestanding store but they still make the best bagels in town.

When Alan stops by to ask about the secret ingredient in their bagels, Dan and Geoff won't give up the secret.

Dan and Geoff have never had to fill a whole retail space before so they have to think carefully about how to get it accomplished.

When Bonin gives the Cleveland Bagel guys the common-sense advice to open for breakfast, they don't react well to his suggestions.

As a result of Bonin's suggestion, the Cleveland Bagel pop up shop is packed for the breakfast rush.

A few tears are shed with the news that Alan is going to be an investor in Cleveland Bagels!

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