Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: 'Life Savers' Gallery

George Zidan, one of the hosts of the show, meets Ken and Nevatta at their home in Lexington, South Carolina to learn more about Ken's invention, the Aquablaster.

Meet the Aquablaster, a harness that allows firefighters to attach a fire hose to their body, which makes it much easier to control.

George wears the Aquablaster into the offices of Bluefish Concepts for comic effect. Deanne and the guys from Bluefish think it's pretty funny but they also see the potential for the device.

The Aquablaster as redesigned by Bluefish Concepts. It's almost military in look and feel. Not only has it lost a lot of weight, it also has a quick release, so a firefighter can drop the hose and run if need be.

During a field test of the new Aquablaster, a local fireman is actually able to handle the fire hose by himself and keep his hands free to open this car door.

Ken and Nevatta are all smiles when they pitch their way to a $1 million dollar deal with Manny Hernandez and retired fire chief, Julius Cherry.

Deanne Bell meets Bobbi Sue's family. Bobbi is the inventor of the Goldilocks Valve, a device she developed to save lives lost during CPR.

Bobbi shows Deanne how her Goldilocks system works. Instead of just one setting, it allows the user to provide different amounts of air based on the recipient's size.

Deanne takes the Goldilocks Valve to the experts at Bluefish Concepts. Bobbi has done a good job but now it's time for the professionals to take over.

Meet the new, improved Goldilocks Valve. It has the same bold colors but it also has an airtight closure and a switch that clicks into place, which Bobbi is thrilled about.

Raise your hand if you think the Goldilocks Valve would save lives out on the field. All of these EMT professionals think the Golidolocks Valve is a lifesaver.

Bobbi makes her pitch to Glen Tullman, CEO of Livongo, while Deanne looks on. Also, Bobbi showed up to the pitch with a new CEO and Deanne isn't sure what to make of him.

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