Multimillionaire Sophia Amoruso: 4 career lessons every young person should know

Sophia Amoruso discussing her new book 'Nasty Galaxy' on October 3, 2016 in New York City.
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Nasty Gal founder and self-proclaimed "Girl Boss" Sophia Amoruso released her latest book "Nasty Galaxy" on Tuesday. The 265-page hardcover is a look-book, a memoir and a guide to being the boss of your life.

Tucked between fashion photography and edgy quotes are four key career lessons Amuroso learned from turning her vintage eBay store into a company that generated $300 million in revenue last year and put her net worth at $280 million, according to Forbes estimates.

Here's what the multimillionaire founder thinks every young person should do to get ahead.

1. Exude confidence

"At the end of the day, confidence is really a choice," Amoruso writes. "You have to choose to use a muscle to keep it strong."

The businesswoman opened up about her own insecurities in the book, like feeling "like a loser," constantly judging herself and wondering if she's living up to her "own hype."

Repeatedly working on her confidence has been crucial to her success, she said.

"Don't let those invisible darts others send your way pass through you."

Nasty Galaxy book
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2. Surround yourself with determined friends

Amoruso writes that as you get older, you realize that it is important to have friends who also want to be successful.

"It becomes more and more difficult to coexist among people who want less for themselves than you want for them," she writes.

Who you spend your time with is an investment, the entrepreneur writes.

"Some investments just don't have the same return as others, and some returns really are diminishing or nonexistent."

3. Embrace networking

"I used to think that networking was creepy," Amoruso writes. But the more she met interesting people, the more she learned to see its benefits.

"I've met so many people who are willing to help me out, or give me advice, or introduce me to someone who might be able to give me advice."

In Amoruso's previous book "Girl Boss," she discussed how social media can help people network online.

"Technology has given people a platform to become entrepreneurs in a way that wouldn't have been possible in the past," she writes.

4. Accept your mistakes

Realizing that you made a mistake changes your worldview and helps you learn to respect others, the entrepreneur says.

"Accepting that you can be wrong is the genesis of being capable of respecting other people," she writes.

It also helps you think differently.

"To be wrong is to forge new neural pathways," Amoruso writes. "There is nothing more therapeutic than thinking we knew ourselves or how the world works and realizing that we were wrong all along."

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Sophia Amoruso discussing her new book 'Nasty Galaxy' on October 3, 2016 in New York City.
Desiree Navarro | WireImage | Getty Images
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