Cleveland Hustles: 'Constructive Criticism' Gallery

Bonin and Kumar disagree about the direction of Old City Soda and the name of the retail location.

Since Sean and Mike have never owned a bar, it's critical for them to hire staff with the right experience. Here, they interview a potential employee with lots of bar experience.

Sean tries to explain the product confusion at their Taste of Tremont Festival booth. Something that makes Bonin think they have more branding work to do.

Water damage woes plague the Cleveland Bagel Company build out and increase the construction price even more.

Dan and Geoff have decided to sell coffee with their bagels. It's a smart play. Now, they just have to figure out which coffee is the right coffee.

Alan Glazen is an investor in the Cleveland Bagel Company but he's also a team player. Here, he brings attention to the company's tent at the Taste of Tremont Festival.

Anne shows Bonin the roof of her retail space but she hasn't done any work on it yet. Uh oh.

Anne and her husband finally start work on the rooftop deck of Groundswell together. Thankfully, he has a general contractors license.

At the Taste of Tremont Festival, Anne decides to focus on collecting email address, a tactic which Bonin doesn't think will work.

Phillip and Jaclyn meet with their staff to assign roles and build a functional hierarchy.

Phillip and Jaclyn stop by Catholic Charities to teach a few refugees how to make Fount bags. Now, they have employees in case they need to scale up.

After opening their store for a few moments to view their window display, the Fount team gets a nice surprise. They sell two bags on the spot!

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