8 Instagram-worthy ways to decorate your office for the holidays

The easiest ways to make your office less sad and more festive
The easiest ways to make your office less sad and more festive

At home, it's time to break out the Christmas ornaments, holiday lights, or wreaths. Who says your office can't have a little joy as well?

With just a few simple additions, you can transform your cubicle or desk for the the season.

Of course, you'll want to take your decorating cues from your boss, your coworkers and your company's culture. But, if you're allowed, a few trimmings could make going to work more merry and bright.

Check out these eight Instagram posts for inspiration.

1. Switch to festive computer wallpaper

Changing your computer background or screensaver is a simple way to adjust the look and feel of your work space. There are hundreds of visually interesting options online.

2. Add a small figurine

Liven up the area around your files and folders with a small snowman, Christmas tree, menorah or kinarah.

3. Bring in a poinsettia

No plant says Christmas like a beautiful ruby poinsettia. It will add some sparkle to an otherwise grey office.

Be sure to water it, though, since plants are only festive when they're alive. If you can, keep it by a window for at least a few hours each week.

4. Upgrade your pencil holder

A decorative cup doubles as a great pen and pencil holder for your desk. If you're feeling creative, add a few pieces of sparkly pipe-cleaner.

5. Add a colorful vase and flowers

Holiday-themed jars or vases are an easy way to add some workplace cheer. Throw in a couple of faux flowers for a low-maintenance option, or real flowers if you have access to sunlight.

6. Bring a mini tree, menorah or kinara

If you have space, your desk could host a traditional piece of decor. Be careful not to create a fire hazard, though: Unplug any lights at the end of each work day and don't try to light any candles.

7. Get crafty

Print out a couple of cute drawings or pictures to put on your wall. Or better yet, bring in your own homemade decoration.

8. Go all out

If your office gets serious about holiday decor, bring your A game. You could line your cubicle with tinsel or even bring in a tree.

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Video by Zack Guzman.