Blue Collar Millionaires: "Seeing Green" Slideshow

Dave and Kristen Weimer were childhood sweethearts who took a tiny construction business that was making no money and turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

Their business Braddock Construction now brings in $20 million in revenue. Not too bad for someone who was voted "least likely to succeed" in school.

Kristen and Dave live in a $4 million lake house, and Dave has a $2.5 million motorcycle collection. However, one of the luxuries they love is being able to hop onto their $1.3 million plane and fly to NYC for a dessert run.

Chris Green isn't your typical grease monkey. He turned his love for fixing and racing cars into a multi-million dollar business. His business, USP Motorsports generated $7 million in revenue last year.

Chris wasn't satisfied with just fixing cars, so he went out and started producing his own parts and selling them nationwide.

It should come to no surprise that Chris spends his money on cars. In addition to his 260K Lambo Gallardo, and $220L Porsche GT2, he also owns a professional race car that he uses to drag race all around the country with. Chris claims it goes from 0 to 60mph in 2 seconds.

Jason Phillip's original plan was to become an actuary, but he realized that he didn't want to be tied down to a desk. After doing some odd-end paint jobs, he decided to start his own company, Phillips Painting.

In 2015, revenue was around $10 million. He currently has 35 vehicles, employs 40 full time workers, and 120 field workers. His goal for the next 5-10 years is to hit $20 million in annual revenue.

Jason's $1.5 million home is full of medieval and Gothic touches. It also includes bronze fountains, waterfalls, firepits, a home gym and a movie theater. He also has a luxurious car collection.

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