Billion Dollar Buyer

Billion Dollar Buyer: "You Sit on Your Hands, You Go Out of Business" Gallery


Meet Kerry and Patrick of Merrick Seafood, a family owned seafood supplier in Florida.

A Charter House chef checks out a cut of Merrick Seafood's tuna. He doesn't like the cut of the fish, but loves the quality.

The pressure is on — Kerry and Patrick need to get their seafood to three of Tilman's restaurants by 11am.

The workers at Merrick Seafood start their day early in order to get their seafood to Tilman's Miami restaurants.

After a tough negotiation, Tilman ups Kerry and Patrick's bid from five restaurants and $260,000 per year in fish to ten restaurants and $780,000 a year in fish.

Lauren, the owner of Little Waisted, creates cocktail rimmers out of edible glitter mixed with sugar.

Tilman taste tests a drink with a normal sugar rim versus the same drink with a Little Waisted glitter lemon sugar rim.

Lauren does some math in order to lower her product's cost after Tilman tells her it is too expensive for him to purchase at her current price.

Tilman challenges Lauren to test three cocktails with Little Waisted rimmers at one of his restaurants. She creates a lemon meringue rimmer, a pumpkin pie rimmer, and a peach rimmer.

This deal doesn't even make it to the board room! Tilman will pay $7.00 per pound for Little Waisted's glitter rimmer for a total deal of $25,000.