Blue Collar Millionaires: "Soldier of Fortune" Gallery


Chuck Ceccarelli, "The Titan of Towing," runs two businesses: Idaho Wrecker Sales and In the Ditch Towing Products. Idaho Wrecker Sales specializes in custom-built tow trucks and In The Ditch manufactures hundreds of products for tow trucks.

Chuck believes the "real money lies in efficiencies." He prides himself on finding ways to reduce costs.

One of the things Chuck has is a $500,000 custom-made motor home. He uses it to follow his son who plays college football.

Laura Fitzgerald is the owner of Ilios Resources. Her business finds, buys, sells, and leases land for gas and oil collection. So, if you get a visit from her, it's because there is black gold in your backyard.

Laura explains the industry is not for the weak of the heart; it's competitive and it requires long hours. Her business stands out by offering land owners money on the spot.

Over time, she has acquired over 2,000 acres across eight states, containing an estimated around $17 million in oil.

Nick Baucom's company, Two Marines Moving, has made headlines for hiring veterans. Nick explains if "they are a veteran and they are willing to work hard, I'm willing to employ them."

Nick's business has made INC Magazine's list of Fastest Growing Companies for the last three years. Nick says, in a typical week, they do about 100 moves.

Nick started the business after completing two deployments in Iraq. After returning home, he had a difficult time finding a job. He soon realized he could charge money to help people move.

One of Nick's earliest customers was Former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

Luke sponsors Luke's Wings, a non-profit company that provides airfare for the families of wounded soldiers.