Billion Dollar Buyer

Billion Dollar Buyer: "I Need Your Vision" Gallery


Tilman asks two businesses to compete to design a high-end patisserie in his new luxury hotel and office tower in Houston.

Meet the first design team: Kara and Shannon of Sleek to Chic, a residential interior design firm that wants to move into the commercial design world.

The second team is Brad and Martin of Brad and Martin Design. They have a lot of commercial design experience, but are a bit eccentric.

Sleek to Chic's first design is too rustic and not luxurious enough for Tilman and his team.

Tilman and his team likes Brad and Martin's overall design presentation, but have problems with the patisserie's name and color.

With a budget of $5,000, Kara and Shannon completely change their design and bring it to life. They are much closer to where they need to be, but played it a bit too safe.

Brad and Martin Design creates a space that is far off from what Tilman liked about their original design — the space is now too dark and medieval.

Sleek and Chic pitch a final design for a patisserie that is classic with a modern twist. The bid is for a $314,000 design along with a 12% design fee of $37,900, for a total cost of $351,900.

Brad and Martin Design pitch a final design in a style they call "Vegas Art Nouveau." The bid is for a $669,000 design with a 20% design fee of $133,000. Tilman talks them down to a 10% design fee of $66,900 for a total cost of $735,900.

Tilman picks Brad and Martin Design to design his new patisserie, but Sleek to Chic does not leave without a project. Tilman asks Kara and Shannon to design suites in his resort to give them more commercial experience.