The 30 colleges with the most alums at top tech companies

Here are the top 10 feeder schools for the tech industry

Tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook consistently dominate lists of the companies that Americans most want to work for.

But who's educating the bulk of their workforce? Data analysis site Paysa looked at 286,777 resumes of employees at 100 major tech companies to determine which colleges have the most alumni working for these sought-after employers.

At the top of the list is the University of Washington, Carnegie Mellon and Stanford — all schools that boast impressive computer science departments.

The University of Washington's computer science program is named after Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen. Allen says that the school was crucial to his success and the creation of Microsoft.

"There's probably no institution that has had a greater influence on me than the University of Washington," says the billionaire. "I spent hour after hour in the University library devouring everything I could on the latest advances in computer science. And it was access to UW computers as a high school student that served as a springboard for the eventual launch of Microsoft."

Engineering student Priscilla Chung, left, and Annette Chen, an informations systems major, join in a game of ultimate frisbee at Carnegie Mellon University.
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It may come as a surprise to those who assume that everyone in tech has an Ivy League education, but seven of the top 10 schools are public universities. In part, it's a numbers game: Public schools like the University of Texas at Austin simply educate more students than private colleges do.

No matter what landed them on this list, all of these schools are helping grads launch high-paying careers in a high-growth industry and score the jobs that Americans want most.

Read on to see the full list of the top 30 colleges in tech:

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