2017 US Open pays the most in tennis history—here's how much the champs will earn

Here's how much players in the 2017 U.S. Open are making

The U.S. Open champions, to be decided this weekend, will bring home a much heftier check than the winners in 1968, the start of tennis' professional era.

The first U.S. Open awarded a total of $100,000 in prize money. Six percent of that ($6,000) went to the women's champion, Virginia Wade. The men's champion was slated to earn $14,000, but because of his amateur status, Arthur Ashe brought home just $20 per diem.

Since, the prize money has skyrocketed. The champions earned six figures for the first time in 1983 ($120,000) and seven figures for the first time in 2003 ($1,000,000).

Also of note is 1973, the first time both men and women earned equal pay for claiming the tournament's title. That year, the champions received checks for $25,000.

Madison Keys will compete for the US Open title on Saturday
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At the 2017 U.S. Open, $50.4 million will be awarded in total, making it the richest tournament in tennis history. Each champion will earn a record $3.7 million check.

The runner-up will earn about half that amount: $1.83 million.

Here's how much the other men's and women's singles competitors earned at this year's Open:

Semifinal losers: $920,000
Quarterfinal losers: $470,000
Round of 16 losers: $253,625
Round of 32 losers: $144,000
Round of 64 losers: $86,000
Round of 128 losers: $50,000

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