The daily routine that makes bestselling author Dan Brown ultra-productive

Author Dan Brown speaks on stage during the third day of the 2015 Web Summit on November 5, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.
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You may know Dan Brown as the author behind some of today's biggest bestsellers, including "The Da Vinci Code," "Inferno" and "Angels and Demons." His latest novel, "Origin," was released Tuesday and will eventually be distributed in 42 different languages throughout several dozen countries.

Like most ultra-successful people, Brown adheres to a daily routine that helps him maintain a productive and balanced lifestyle.

In an interview with The New York Times, the 53-year-old says that he wakes up at 4 a.m. each day and makes a smoothie consisting of blueberries, spinach, banana, coconut water, various seeds and pea protein. He also makes "bulletproof" coffee with butter and coconut oil, ingredients Brown says enhance "the way your brain processes the caffeine."

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While many may think authors like Brown are glued to a notebook or computer screen all day, the New Hampshire native tells The New York Times he actually stops writing every day at noon. He also sets his computer to freeze for 60 seconds every hour, and does sit-ups, push-ups and other tasks during this mini-break.

Many successful business leaders prioritize daily exercise. Billionaire Richard Branson starts his exercise routine everyday at 5 a.m., and favors running, cycling, tennis and kite surfing.

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Oprah Winfrey practices yoga and makes sure to get 10,000 steps each day. Jack Dorsey rises at 5 a.m. to meditate and exercise and Mark Cuban gets an hour of cardio in daily.

"That I will find a way to get [a workout] done, I think, reflects how relentless I can be in the business world as well," Cuban told the Dallas News.

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