5 companies that will help you pay off your student debt

New work perk: Paying off student loans

Student loan repayment was once described as the "hottest benefit of 2017" and this increasingly popular benefit is only expected to expand in the new year.

A survey from fintech company IonTuition found that 80 percent of workers with student loans said they would like to work for a company that provides a student loan repayment benefit. Given that 44 million Americans are struggling to pay off a total of $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, it makes sense why borrowers would appreciate assistance from their employers.

Here are five companies that are helping employees pay off their student debt:


Aetna Inc. headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut
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Healthcare company Aetna offers full-time and part-time employees both tuition reimbursements and student loan repayment. Their student loan repayment program matches part-time employee student loan payments up to $1,000 per year with a lifetime maximum of $5,000. For full-time employees, Aetna matches student loan payments up to $2,000 per year with a lifetime maximum of $10,000.

"As a healthcare company with a vision of building a healthier world, Aetna takes a holistic view of employee well-being — one that includes physical, mental, social, and financial health," says Aetna's website. "These programs help make our employees healthier, happier and more productive; improve the experience we provide to our customers; and make our company stronger."


Chegg Inc.
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The textbook rental and online tutoring company grants eligible full-time employees $1,000 a year as a part of their student loan repayment benefit. These funds can be used to repay any kind of outstanding student loan.

Caroline Gennaro, corporate communications manager at Chegg tells Fast Company the benefit is "in recognition of the burden that outstanding student loan debt puts on Chegg employees."

Fidelity Investments

A man exits a Fidelity branch in New York.
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Fidelity Investments offers a generous student loan repayment program. "Pay down student loan debt faster and save on interest with Fidelity's $2,000 annual contribution, up to $10,000, paid right to your student loan servicer," says the Fidelity website. "Plus, get access to online tools to help you better manage your student loan debt."

The investment company also offers tuition reimbursement for work-related educational expenses.

Penguin Random House

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The publishing company offers $1,200 a year up to $9,000 through their student loan repayment benefit.

"We have always believed in doing our part to tackle broader societal challenges by starting within our own communities," says Penguin Random House CEO Markus Dohle in a press statement. "With this new benefit for our employees, we have another opportunity to live up to our mission and help our employees invest in their futures while also making Penguin Random House a happy, productive, and rewarding place to work."


PWC signage on building in New York
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Big-four accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers provides participating associates and senior associates with $1,200 a year up to $10,000 in total through their Student Loan Paydown benefit. PwC calculates that this program can help qualifying borrowers decrease their repayment time by as much as three years.

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