These YouTubers created a $205 'Big Mac' — here's what's in it

These vloggers created a $205 'Big Mac' with Wagyu beef and Veuve Clicquot

The Big Mac is a McDonald's classic. But even classics need an update sometimes.

That's why Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, the hosts of popular YouTube morning show "Good Mythical Morning," set out to create an updated version of the Big Mac using the finest ingredients they could get their hands on.

Good Mythical Morning

"Will we create a McMasterpiece or a McMonster?" they ask on a recent episode of "Good Mythical Morning."

To assist, the pair enlisted the help of Josh, their "mythical chef."

In total, the upgraded Big Mac cost $205.52 to build — a far cry from the burger's typical $3.99. Here's a look at what went into creating the dish.

Good Mythical Morning

The core of any burger is, of course, the meat. For this deluxe sandwich, they used 16 ounces of Wagyu steak from Lone Mountain Ranch, which Josh says is 100 percent DNA-tested and genetically pure. At $89.25, it was the priciest single item in the burger.

After hand-chopping the steak and forming it into two patties, they were cooked with a generous scoop of truffle butter and topped with slices of cheese. "I've never smelled this going into a Mickey D's," Link noted as it browned.

Classic American cheese got an upgrade for this experiment. After melting down slices, Josh combined it with $11 worth of Camembert to create a cheesy hybrid he dubbed "Camemberican."

Good Mythical Morning

To replace Mickey D's iconic Big Mac sauce, GMM made a version of their own by combining Sir Kensington's brand mayonnaise and mustard, chopped pickles and sea urchin roe.

Once cooked, the burgers, cheese and sauce were layered onto a custom-baked brioche bun from Los Angeles' Lodge Bread, which the GMM team plated in 24-karat gold leaf.

The new and improved "Big Mac" was finished off with artisanal gem lettuce, pearl onions and homemade pickles made with Veuve Clicquot champagne.

Good Mythical Morning

The finished product not only overtook its namesake in price, but stood twice as tall. But the real question was, how did it taste?

"It's so good! It's so fancy!" Rhett said after taking his first bite.

"It's still very much a Big Mac," Link said. "All the Big Mac tastes are still hitting me in the proper ratio, even though it's a lot larger."

The verdict: It works. Watch out, McDonald's.

Good Mythical Morning

Here's the full list of what went into the $205.52 price tag:

  • $89.25 Wagyu steak
  • $4.29 truffle butter
  • $44 sea urchin roe
  • $1.37 mayonnaise
  • $0.95 Mustard
  • $0.85 Bubbies pickles
  • $4.50 brioche roll
  • $11.37 24-karat gold leaf
  • $0.43 American cheese
  • $11.02 Camembert
  • $1.74 gem lettuce
  • $0.49 pearl onions
  • $0.26 cucumber
  • $35 champagne

Check out the full video from Good Mythical Morning:

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