This is what a $2.7 million 'fixer-upper' looks like in San Francisco

The row of Victorian homes dubbed "Painted Ladies" on Postcard Row in San Francisco, California. The homes were famously featured in the intro of the TV "Full House."
Courtesy: F8 Photography

One of San Francisco's iconic "Painted Ladies" Victorians is for sale for $2.7 million.

But there's a catch.

Despite it's seven-figure price tag, the 1890s, three-story house needs head-to-toe restorations, according to its listing agent Jeremy Rushton. While Rushton could not comment on the cost to gut the house as the price tag would depend on taste, it could easily exceed $500,000, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2019 Value Report.

The 2,588-square-foot house is located on one of the city's most-photographed blocks, called "Postcard Row," which is in the opening credits of the ABC sitcom "Full House."

Dubbed the "Pink Painted Lady," the home is one of seven Victorians located in downtown San Francisco across the street from Alamo Square.

Close-up shot of the pink "Painted Lady" up for sale.
Credit: F8 Photography

The last time one of "Ladies" sold was in June 2014 for $3.1 million. While Rushton did not see the inside of that property, he was told that it also needed quite a bit of work.

Aerial show of "Painted Ladies" near Alamo Square in San Francisco, California.
Credit: F8 Photography

The home was originally a single-family home but was converted into two units sometime in the 1960s, according to SF Gate. Each unit has two bedrooms and one full bathroom, with the second unit on the top floor having an addition half bath.

The front window of the home's third level has a partial view of the Golden Gate Bridge, according to the listing.

Inside, a spiral staircase leads to the second floor.

The staircase located on the first floor.
Credit: F8 Photography

The third floor living area has a fire place, but is totally stripped, as is the third floor bedroom.

Credit: F8 Photography
One of four bedrooms located inside 2,588-square-foot home.
Credit: F8 Photography

The kitchens need a lot of work. To renovate a kitchen alone could cost $83,300 in the expensive city, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2019 Value Report.

The kitchen area that needs heavy remodeling.
Credit: F8 Photography

There is a half bath, which is located in the second unit on the third floor. According to Remodeling Magazine's report, it costs roughly $65,360 to renovate a mid-range bathroom in San Francisco.

Inside the half-bath located on the top floor.
Credit: F8 Photography

In the back, the second floor has a small deck. Remodeling Magazine's estimates the total job for a small deck addition could run around $20,000.

Small deck area located on the second floor.
Credit: F8 Photography
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