Building a $2 million luxury chicken coop business

Building a $2 million luxury chicken coop business

Kathy Vegh Hughes is a 44-year-old mother from Cleveland, Ohio who runs a $2 million business designing and selling luxury chicken coops. Here's how she built her company.
Mon, Oct 4 202112:36 PM EDT

Kathy Vegh Hughes is the Head Hen and Founder of Cutest Coops, a boutique chicken coop company based in Ohio. The journey to Cutest Coops started when Kathy took to raising chickens as a way to de-stress from the taxing job of running her father's company. Kathy struggled to find a coop that met her standards and gave her chickens protection from predators, so she started to toy with the idea of turning the chicken keeper lifestyle into a business.

In June 2019, Kathy officially launched Cutest Coops with just $3,800. Now in 2021, Cutest Coops will be just shy of $2 million in sales and Kathy says she is just getting started.