Making $70,000 a year as a roller coaster painter in Kentucky

Making $70,000 a year as a roller coaster painter in Kentucky

Jason Prather, 32, travels the country and around the world as a project foreman for a roller coaster painting company called Baynum Painting and he earns roughly $70,000 per year.
Tue, Dec 21 202110:10 AM EST

Jason Prather, Roller Coaster Painter

The beauty is getting to go see things that I would have never got to see in the world. You get to see all the patrons in the park actually looking up and pointing and taking photos of you doing your job. It's quite satisfying to see that because you're making their day as well as, you know, earning a paycheck and making a life for yourself.

My name is Jason Prather. I'm a roller coaster painter for Baynum Painting, and I make roughly $70,000 a year. I'm hoping to get to $75,000. A lot of our salary is based on overtime as well as travel pay. So we do get an extension or we get a bonus for being out of town.

I grew up in a little town near my hometown now called Edgewood, Kentucky. I never really had an answer of what I wanted to be when I was a child. My childhood was pretty normal. Played a lot of sports: Football, baseball, basketball. Rode dirt bikes in the summer, skied in the winter, snowboarded in the winter.

My high school experience was pretty normal for most people. I actually did a lot of working on cars and boats, which kind of led me into a painting career.