Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

From prostitution to slave labor, human trafficking is a booming business. This $32 billion dollar underground industry knows no moral bounds, stretching around the globe. Crime Inc. examines the underground industry where hopelessness and greed create a sinister and sometimes lethal combination.

Program Highlights

  • The High-Dollar Trade in American Girls

    Reformed pimp, Isaiah Reed, talks about why girls are shipped overseas to work in the sex trade rather than used in the United States.

  • How Traffickers Find Their Victims

    Keeping trafficking victims in line is all a matter of using fear tactics, as Christopher Tenorio, assistant US attorney for the Southern District of California, explains.

  • Forced Child Labor in Overseas Agriculture

    Roberto Romano, co-director of documentary film, 'The Dark Side of Chocolate,' discusses his findings of forced child labor in many of the foods Americans eat.

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About Human Trafficking

  • Forced prostitution. Slave labor. CNBC goes inside a $32 billion underground industry that knows no moral bounds and stretches around the globe.


  • Carl Quintanilla

    Carl Quintanilla is an Emmy-winning reporter and co-anchor of CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," broadcast live from the NYSE.