Episode 62: Blackjack Cheaters

Case File

Blackjack Cheaters

  • The Winning Hand
  • They begin as dealers working in unsuspecting casinos. Van Thu Tran and her husband Phuong Truong embark on a life of crime conning casinos out of millions. They perfect their scam at mini-baccarat and blackjack tables. The only question is: How much can they steal?
  • False Shuffle
  • It's an age-old card trick. Cheaters know the order of cards before they're dealt. Using this sleight of hand, corrupt dealers and players can make thousands of dollars in just minutes. The Trans bring the old cheat into the 21st century with hidden microphones and computer programs.
  • A Family Affair
  • From the beginning the cheat is a family affair. The Trans recruit relatives and other dealers often down on their luck. The team takes a big risk … their jobs, criminal prosecution and prison sentences. But the trick is so easy and Tran members ask: "Who are we really hurting?"
  • Operation Tran Wreck
  • Van and Phuong buy jewelry and flashy cars. In the Tran Organization the stolen money is kept at the top. Casino managers become suspicious. The FBI launches Operation Tran Wreck to catch the cheaters in action.

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