• Job Seekers: Know Your Audience Thursday, 10 Dec 2009 | 11:36 AM ET

    Job search 1.0 is to tailor your message to highlight the best of you. But be confident that there are many great things about you and not all of them are as relevant or eye-catching to everyone you encounter.

  • Temporary Jobs Are Climbing, A Possible Sign of Recovery Wednesday, 9 Dec 2009 | 11:23 AM ET

    “In the past, temp employment has been a leading indicator coming out of a recession, but there’s no promise that it’s an indicator now,” says one expert.

  • Ringing in the Holiday but Sharing the Bill Thursday, 3 Dec 2009 | 11:19 AM ET

    What’s better than a holiday party for one company? A holiday party for 10 companies. The New York Times explains this year's holiday trend.

  • Predictions 2010: Careers Tuesday, 1 Dec 2009 | 11:59 AM ET

    More companies will be hiring this year than in 2009, but competition will hotter than ever before and job candidates will have to go the extra mile to get the post.

  • Best Cities to Find A Job Friday, 6 Nov 2009 | 10:25 AM ET

    A new report from employment Web site CareerBuilder.com ranked the top metro areas with the most job postings on the site between January and October 2009. Here's what they found!

  • Is Your Boss a Witch or the Grim Reaper? Friday, 30 Oct 2009 | 11:18 AM ET

    Job Web site CareerBuilder.com surveyed 4,000 workers for their Halloween survey and found that 18 percent of workers described their workplace as scary and 7 percent said their boss was the scariest part of their job.

  • UK Kids to Get Career Advice from 7 Years Old Monday, 26 Oct 2009 | 9:59 AM ET

    Gone may be the days of children dreaming to be princesses and pirates. School children from as young as seven will now be given careers advice, a new UK government plan revealed Monday.

  • Employers Begin Rehiring the Laid Off Monday, 5 Oct 2009 | 11:32 AM ET

    With the economy showing modest signs of improvement, a number of companies that shed jobs during the recession are beginning to rehire the very same employees.

  • More Upper-Income Workers Living Paycheck to Paycheck Wednesday, 16 Sep 2009 | 11:48 AM ET

    Thirty percent of Americans with salaries of $100,000 or more said they are living paycheck to paycheck, up from 21 percent last year, according to a survey.

  • Phrases like “game changer,” “value add” and “it is what it is” are among the most overused phrases in business today, according to a survey of top executives that was released Thursday.

  • Let's Break up and Make up Wednesday, 19 Aug 2009 | 1:51 PM ET

    The recession workplace is "broken" and needs some fixing, post-haste.

  • Network Your Way to Your Next Job! Wednesday, 12 Aug 2009 | 12:19 PM ET
    Business people, eye contact

    Networking is the buzz word for the 21st Century yet few do it properly. Networking isn’t about asking for something. Instead, networking is about establishing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship of give and take with the emphasis on the give!

  • “Conduct may be founded on the hard rock or the wet marshes” - The Great Gatsby. Conduct may be founded in the course of a massive corporate restructuring. The conduct of the CEO of one of my clients was founded in the Bronx, where he grew up one of 10 brothers and sisters, with strong family values taught to him by the words and actions of this mother and father - Irish immigrants - and a desire to achieve while always focusing on what’s important — people. 

  • A Creative Approach to Your Job Search Tuesday, 21 Jul 2009 | 11:54 AM ET

    I’ve run staffing groups at Fortune 500 firms for almost 25 years and now I’m a career coach and train individuals on how to have the best job search process possible. Often times, I help them map out what their top strengths are, and what areas they are looking to develop, because this is a top question that is often asked in an interview.

  • MBA Graduates Face Grave New World Friday, 29 May 2009 | 11:19 AM ET

    The class of 2009 is bracing for a tough job market that’s forcing them to consider positions in sectors they hadn't thought of, such as government and health care.

  • In a special OTM Job Center, we show you who's hiring and where the jobs still are.

  • Highest-Paying Jobs: 2010 Friday, 8 May 2009 | 3:33 PM ET
    Looking for a bigger paycheck? If you’re not in the medical industry, you’re pretty much out of luck. Health care jobs, ranging from dentists to surgeons, dominate the list of the 20 highest paying jobs, but there are some others sprinkled in. Click ahead for the jobs that pulled the highest pay last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics .

    Click to see the jobs that pulled the highest pay last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Web Extra: The Salary Question Friday, 8 May 2009 | 3:02 PM ET

    NOT SEEN ON T.V.: How to discuss and negotiate compensation in a job interview.

  • Calling College Grads: These Companies Are Hiring Friday, 8 May 2009 | 11:02 AM ET

    Sure, the economy is in recession and people are losing their jobs, but companies and the government are still hiring—big time, in some cases.

  • Top Entry-Level Employers: 2009 Thursday, 7 May 2009 | 4:03 PM ET
    It’s not all gloom and doom in the job market. Many companies are increasing their talent pools by hiring recent college graduates. Take a look at the top 10 employers with the most entry level openings and how many new grads they expect to hire this year, as surveyed by CollegeGrad.com

    Take a look at the top 10 employers with the most entry level openings and how many new grads they expect to hire this year, as surveyed by CollegeGrad.com.

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  • BRASILIA, April 17- Brazil's jobless rate dropped unexpectedly in March as fewer people sought jobs, highlighting a trend that has helped keep unemployment near record lows despite weak economic growth. Brazil's non-seasonally-adjusted jobless rate declined in March to 5.0 percent from 5.1 percent in February, statistics agency IBGE said on Thursday.

  • The CBO estimates that boosting the minimum wage would force businesses to spend $15 billion more in salaries in 2017.

  • WASHINGTON— A Senate Democratic bill gradually increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10 hourly would require private businesses to spend $15 billion more in salaries when it takes full effect in 2017, the Congressional Budget Office estimated Thursday.

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