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  • Santelli: Average auctions     Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | 1:30 PM ET

    CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses bond prices and yields, and how this week's auctions fared.

  • Labor market indexes show uptick in July: KC Fed Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | 12:31 PM ET

    But the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank cautioned that recent declines in the unemployment rate overstate improvements in labor market conditions.

  • Cashin says: Markets susceptible to rumors     Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | 11:40 AM ET

    CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss geopolitical uncertainties and their impact on the markets.

  • ECB weighing QE     Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | 10:01 AM ET

    CNBC's Steve Liesman discusses what the latest housing and GDP data says about the U.S. economy and if the ECB will pursue QE.

  • 'Rigged' market may be nearing top: TrimTabs chair Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | 9:49 AM ET
    Charles Biderman

    TrimTabs Chairman Charles Biderman also tells CNBC stocks are "rigged" due to low interest rates.

  • JPM probes suspected cyberattack; other hits reported Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | 9:24 AM ET

    JPMorgan is investigating a possible cyberattack amid reports that Russian hackers targeted several Wall Street banks this month.

  • Euro zone 'not designed' for QE: Pro     Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | 2:20 AM ET

    Stephen King, chief global economist at HSBC, says the euro zone is "not designed" for quantitative easing due to all the legal considerations and doubts whether the policy can stimulate growth.

  • ECB vs BOJ: Which central bank will ease first?     Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 11:20 PM ET

    Don Hanna, Asia Managing Director of Hanna-Roubini Global Economics, explains why the Bank of Japan will introduce stimulus before the European Central Bank.

  • ECB can afford to be patient on easing: Barclays     Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 10:46 PM ET

    Mitul Kotecha, Head of FX Strategy, Asia Pacific at Barclays, says European inflation data due this week won't be weak enough to prompt more stimulus.

  • Did China just announce a new stimulus package? Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 10:15 PM ET

    The Chinese government launched a "fresh round of mini-stimulus" to counter growth headwinds, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report.

  • Soft period ahead for US stocks: Expert     Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 6:41 PM ET

    Kingsley Jones, Founder and CIO of Jevons Global, explains how the European Central Bank could cause Wall Street to see lackluster trading in the coming months.

  • Are there risks of new asset bubbles?     Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 6:21 PM ET

    Charlie Bilello, Director of Research at Pension Partners, says ultra-low interest rates in the U.S. have driven prices of all asset classes to unprecedented levels.

  • UK economy to grow at fastest rate since 2007 Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 | 2:05 AM ET

    Britain's economy will grow at its fastest rate since 2007 this year, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said.

  • How to play the Fed     Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 3:17 PM ET
    Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman Janet Yellen.

    CNBC's Steve Liesman, and Lee Munson, Portfolio Asset Management CIO, discuss how the Fed has impacted asset prices and if exiting QE will freak the stock market.

  • Midday stock picks     Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 1:12 PM ET

    Discussing whether a huge market decline is coming, and hot stock opportunities now, with Andy Murray, Becker Value Equity Fund co-manager, and Ernesto Ramos, BMO Asset Management.

  • Confident bear sees 30-60% decline     Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 1:07 PM ET

    Where are the bears? David Tice, Tice Capital President, says "trees don't grow to the sky," in calling quantitative easing only a short-term economic fix.

  • ECB action tied to Friday's inflation numbers Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 12:47 PM ET
    Janet Yellen speaks with Mario Draghi during the Jackson Hole economic symposium.

    European Central Bank is unlikely to take new action next week—unless inflation figures show a significant sinking towards deflation, sources said.

  • Two big problems in the job market: Farr Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 12:38 PM ET
    A sign  hangs in the window of a clothing store on June 6, 2014 in San Francisco, California.

    The economy's improving so what's not to like? In a nutshell, there are two big problems with the job market, says Michael Farr.

  • Cashin says: Markets need a weekend     Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 11:40 AM ET

    CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss S&P 2,000 and QE talk coming out of Europe. The market is trying to find itself, he says.

  • History doesn't favor this rally, says Art Cashin Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 | 11:15 AM ET
    Art Cashin

    The lack of volume in this market might make it hard for the rally to continue, says veteran trader Art Cashin.

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