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Traders May Want to Be Long 'Bama Tonight

University of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson
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University of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson

Wall Street traders, even the Irish among them, could be excused today for letting out a "Roll Tide!" cheer.

As college football fans turn their attention to tonight's national championship game, investors might like to know that the stock market performs much better in the year following when the Alabama Crimson Tide wears the crown as opposed to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

When 'Bama reigns, the market, in fact, rises an average of 1.95 percent - modest, to be sure, but better than the average 1.38 percent loss it posts when the Irish wear the crown, according to Bespoke Investment Group.

The Tide have won 14 championships as opposed to Notre Dame's 11. (Read More: Notre Dame vs. Alabama, Likely Most Wagered BCS Game)

In recent times, the disparity has been even clearer.

For the past five times Alabama has won, the market has risen each year with an average return of 10.2 percent.

There is a worst-case scenario.

There have been two occasions - prior to the Bowl Championship Series - where both Alabama and Notre Dame had claim to the title in the same season. (Read More: College Football: Why Pressure to Win Is So Big)

On those occasions, in 1930 and 1973, the market fell a respective 53 percent and 28 percent.Another reason, then, to love the BCS, even if your time doesn't pull it out tonight.

Oddsmakers, by the way, have Alabama as a 9-1/2 point favorite for tonight's big game.

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