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CNBC Mobile Apps

Access the power of CNBC anywhere on your smartphone or tablet

CNBC Mobile

  • Get fast, accurate, and actionable business news, watch exclusive video interviews with finance industry experts, and access real-time data from the network that is First in Business Worldwide.

    Just type CNBC.com into your mobile browser.

CNBC on Apple TV

  • Watch the latest in business news and financial information live from the channel that's First in Business Worldwide.

    Access full episodes of your favorite CNBC prime-time programs anytime you want. Dive into the dark side of the American Dream with CNBC's shocking true crime series American Greed, or see what it takes to save a failing business in The Profit.

Available Apps

CNBC for iOS

  • CNBC has a new fully-redesigned universal app!

    With CNBC’s universal app you can access personalized video playlists, enhanced stock watchlist features, play HD video using AirPlay on Apple TV, and much more!

    Watch CNBC live on your device, or get breaking news alerts and stay on top of the news no matter where you are.

    Download the app for free from iTunes.

CNBC for Android

  • Access the power of CNBC on your smartphone.

    CNBC's app delivers real-time streaming stock market quotes throughout the day, with options for both pre-market and after-hours trading data.

    Get CNBC's breaking news alerts and stay on top of the market no matter where you are. Watch exclusive video produced around the globe with over 150 new video clips added each day.

    Download the CNBC app on your smartphone for free now.

CNBC for Windows 8

  • Start watching full episodes of CNBC’s popular Business Day and Prime shows right on your Windows 8 device. Access the latest in business news with Mad Money, or watch back-to-back episodes of The Profit and American Greed. Just log in with your cable or satellite provider account and start enjoying CNBC shows anywhere and anytime.

    Download the app from the Windows Store.