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  • 5 years ago he told us that Facebook would IPO as a $100B company; now check out the next big prediction from this top strategist.

  • Coinstar Beats Earnings Forecast on Redbox Growth Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 5:38 PM ET

    Coinstar's earnings blew past Wall Street's expectations on Monday, sending the stock soaring in trading after the closing bell.

  • Saudi Arabia Will Not Let Oil Go Above $100: Prince Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 5:29 PM ET

    An "element of fear" over Iran is playing into the price of oil despite higher supply and decreasing demand, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al Saud told CNBC Monday.

  • Fusion-IO CEO: More Upside In Facebook, Tech Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 4:25 PM ET

    Fusion-IO, the largest data center provider to Facebook, has plenty of upside left in what its technology can do, its CEO said.

  • S&P 500 Earnings: Industrials Lead Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 3:48 PM ET

    Compared to the same period a year ago, industrial and technology companies have taken the lead, showing EPS growth of 17 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

  • ‘Goodnight iPad’ — A Bedtime Story for Adults Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 1:34 PM ET

    Have trouble sleeping? Maybe it's your iPad. Here's how to unplug, unwind and finally getting some zzzzz's.

  • 4 Reasons Why Google Should Buy Twitter Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 1:13 PM ET

    In light of Google's poor fourth-quarter results earlier this month, and the recent hoopla surrounding the Facebook IPO, some have questioned whether Google is losing the war in social networking.

  • Scott: Can Being Bored Make You More Successful? Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 10:52 AM ET

    Many people associate boredom with unhappiness or laziness. We go to great lengths to avoid the possibility of being stuck with no distractions. But boredom actually holds the secret to something we all want: contentment, personal growth, and perhaps even professional success.

  • After a Year, Tablet Daily Is a Struggle Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 8:49 AM ET
    News Corporation

    The Daily, begun with sky-high expectations when Apple’s iPad was being promoted as the savior of the publishing industry, has struggled to break into the national conversation or to drive news and build on its brand.  The New York Times reports.

  • Facebook to Tap Mobile Ads for Revenue Monday, 6 Feb 2012 | 3:18 AM ET
    A sign with the 'like' symbol stands in front of the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

    Facebook is set to begin showing advertisements to users on mobile devices within weeks in an effort to tap a new source of revenues before it goes public. The FT reports.

  • 5 Small-Cap Growth Stocks With Zero Debt Friday, 3 Feb 2012 | 11:41 AM ET

    I decided to seek out some excellent growth candidates by taking a look at small-cap stocks with market capitalization below $1 billion that were members of the Russell 3000 Index. I screened out stocks with price-earnings-to-growth, or PEG, ratios that were less than 1. In other words, these stocks are selling at a discount to their earnings growth and they carry zero debt.

  • Apple iTV Coming Late This Year: Munster Thursday, 2 Feb 2012 | 6:18 PM ET

    It’s almost time to line up at the Apple store, again. New evidence suggests that Apple iTV is coming soon.

  • Apple Exploring TV Components Thursday, 2 Feb 2012 | 5:41 PM ET
    Apple Exploring TV Components

    There could be a TV from Apple coming to market before the end of the year, says Gene Munster, analyst at Piper Jaffray, who's been reaching out to component manufacturers to see if Apple's buying.

  • roulette_wheel.jpg

    Who cares whether some guy named Eli can beat Giselle Bundchen's husband? An Irish-based betting company is offering people a chance to bet on something closer to their hearts: Facebook's IPO share price.

  • Facebook Valuation: Joe Weisenthal vs. John Carney Thursday, 2 Feb 2012 | 1:20 PM ET

    CNBC's John Carney and Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal discuss Facebook's IPO filing.

  • superbowl-2012-logo-200.jpg

    On-the-field athletic success does not always equate to off-the-field marketing fame.

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • Tech, Financial Sectors Show Leadership Wednesday, 1 Feb 2012 | 11:51 AM ET

    The S&P 500 may close at its highest level since July, just before the markets explosion on the euro-crisis, the failure of U.S. lawmakers to agree on a debt extension, and the downgrade of U.S. debt by Standard and Poor's on August 5.

  • Who Needs Consumer Confidence When You've Got Twitter Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012 | 7:40 PM ET

    There’s a new way to track sentiment. Topsy Labs has begun using Twitter and other social media to identify upcoming market trends. And the results may be ahead of the market.

  • Ralph Nader to Cisco: Boost Your Dividend Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012 | 6:30 PM ET
    Nader's Revolt Against Cisco

    Ralph Nader took Cisco to task Tuesday for its “paltry” dividend and urged the company to return some of its excess cash to shareholders.