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    As Wall Street eagerly waits to see Facebook’s financial results when it prepares to file for its long-awaited initial public offering possibly as early as Wednesday, ComScore reports that the company continues to grow its dominance in display ads – it has number one market share by far.

  • Facebook IPO's  Impact on Other Tech Giants

    When Facebook files for its IPO, the social networking company could be one of the largest companies in the world. What does that mean for other tech giants like Google? Colin Gillis, sr. tecnology analyst at BGC Financial, discusses.

  • Google's New Privacy Policy & Twitter's Micro-Censorship Program

    Will Google's new privacy policy lead to the end of anonymity on the Internet? CNBC's Jon Fortt, weighs in. Also, Twitter's new "micro-censorship" policy, with CNBC's Julia Boorstin.

  • While companies are flocking to Apple's iOS in droves, Google's Android operating system hasn't attracted the same level of interest, despite the platform's gains in the consumer market.

  • Eric Schmidt

    The Internet is more resilient to the economic downturn than other industries, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google told CNBC in Davos on Thursday, and it will continue to create opportunities for “alarmingly interesting” things1st paragraph of story should go here

  • Opportunities in 'Under-Owned' Stocks?

    The Fast Money crew takes a look at under owned big cap stocks, and discuss whether Apple is under owned or merely under valued.

  • Apple

    Apple’s jaw-dropping announcement that it had $97.6 billion in cash on hand at the end of the last quarter has many people scrambling for ideas about what Apple should do with all that loot.

  • Apple had $97.6 billion in cash and cash equivalents at the end of its most recent quarter, and despite calls for a dividend, analysts say this may not be the best course of action.

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    Get ready for a busy year of media mergers and acquisition activity – that’s the headline from PwC’s Entertainment and Media Report.

  • Cramer's Tech Match Up: Google vs. Microsoft

    Mad Money's Cramer goes under the hood to figure out why a great growth stock like Google is floundering, and a yesteryear company like Microsoft seems to have reinvented itself.

  • Cramer investigates why Google seems to be floundering while Microsoft is turning itself around.

  • Yahoo Headquarters

    As Yahoo gears up for its fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday, shareholders are less focused on the struggling Internet company's results than an update to an expected sale of its Asian assets.

  • Google

    The autonomous vehicles developed by Google pose enormous challenges for the world of law and insurance, speakers at a symposium said. The New York Times reports.

  • Apple Ripe for a Correction?

    Apple is out with earnings today after the bell on the same day in 1984 the very first Mac was introduced. Insight on whether the stock will see a correction, with Brian Marshall, ISI Group IT hardware/data networking analyst.

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    Europe is considering a sweeping new law that would force Internet companies like and Facebook to obtain explicit consent from consumers about the use of their personal data, delete that data forever at the consumer’s request and face fines for failing to comply. The New York Times reports

  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • On the eve of Apple’s fiscal first quarter earnings release, to be delivered on Tuesday, one analyst is bullish on the tech company’s stock and anticipates further growth from its iPad and iPhone products.

  • Gadgets and cars are two products that seem to be growing in every country of the world, making earnings reports from Apple and Ford Motor critical to watch in the coming week.

  • The Age of the Platform, by Phil Simon

    In the Age of the Platform, companies that constantly reinvent themselves lead the pack. Here are six things to learn from the big guys.

  • What the "Mad Money" host expects of DuPont, Kimberly-Clark, McDonald's and Apple.