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  • The largest independent U.S. subprime mortgage lender said on Monday its lenders plan to halt financing, pushing the company closer to bankruptcy amid dwindling cash and $8.4 billion in obligations that could come due immediately.  The stock was halted on Monday.

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  • Mounting concerns on Wall Street that mortgage lenders might be hurt by increasing defaults and delinquencies sent investors fleeing Monday from some of the biggest names in the industry. The meltdown among lenders that specialize in home loans to people with weak credit again ravaged stock prices.

  • Does the current market turmoil mean the big brokerage houses are in trouble? Depends whom you ask. CNBC's Sue Herera heard from two experts -- with two very different outlooks on the industry.

  • Small investors might have gotten burned by Tuesday's market frenzy. But what of the big brokerage houses? Two bond and portfolio managers told CNBC's Maria Bartiromo that they're not worried.

  • If there's one place to turn when the going gets tough these days, it's the financials. You can trust these investment banks to weather market troubles like we saw today.

  • As reported earlier today, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether or not some Wall Street banks are leaking privy information from one client to gain favor with another. But is this illegal? Depends upon whom you talk to.

  • The days of Enron and WorldCom-sized corporate malfeasance scandals may seem like they just ended, but another debate regarding corporate ethics is reaching critical mass in boardrooms across the country – the issue of executive compensation. Adding fuel to the fire were the recent lucrative severance packages for Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli ($210 million) and Pfizer  CEO Hank McKinnell...

  • It was a record day for stocks as every sector finished the day in  positive territory. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at an all -time high while the Nasdaq and S&P 500 were boosted by strength in tech shares. The S&P 500 finshed the day at a new six-year high.

  • Dominion Resources said in November that it planned to sell the assets, which analysts have said could fetch anywhere from $13.5 billion to $20 billion.

  • Stocks ended sharply lower after a day long selling spree, sparked by worries corporate earnings growth is showing signs of weakening.

  • CNL Hotels & Resorts said on Friday that Morgan Stanley Real Estate will acquire the hotel real estate investment trust for about $6.6 billion, including debt.

  • The Dow scored its second record close in a row and the Nasdaq had its best week in four months as buyers snapped up oil, financial and technology stocks ahead of next week's earnings reports.

  • Goldman Sachs is the world’s largest – and most successful – investment bank. But it has seen a growing reliance on income generated from trading in recent years. Some Wall Street analysts are saying this makes the firm actually more like a hedge fund, and therefore more vulnerable to implosion. So--is Goldman just a giant hedge fund disguised as an investment bank?

  • Bear Stearns joins Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley as Wall Street banks announcing big bonuses.

  • Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 ended the day higher – with the Dow setting another record, closing up 30 points and the S&P up 3 – all this despite worrisome economic data coming in the form of a rise in wholesale prices and a decline in housing permits. The NASDAQ couldn’t keep up, falling 6 points on continued weakness in the technology sector.

  • The NASD said in a complaint that Morgan Stanley routinely failed to provide e-mails requested by claimants in arbitration cases, as well as by regulators.

  • Stocks closed mostly higher as investors shrugged off the latest inflation news and energy shares rallied on strength in crude prices.

  • What Does It All Mean? As Breaking News Producer, it’s often my job to answer that very question. Sometimes, unfortunately, the best answer is: “beats me!”. That most often happens when a tiny piece of information on an ongoing story finds its way to us. Example: We were already following the story of the Thailand stock market’s 15% collapse.....

  • Morgan Stanley shares set new 5-year highs after the company  said it will spin off its Discover credit-card division and posted better-than-expected quarterly results on strong banking and trading.