Investor Roundup: High-Yield Bonds and More

Natalie Erlich,|News Associate
Wednesday, 13 Aug 2008 | 4:21 PM ET

As stocks slid following July's weak retail sales report, CNBC asked the experts where to invest now.

Small Caps, Big Returns
Small cap stock picks, with Lawrence Creatura, of Clover Capital

‘Thinking Small’ Caps

“Brown Shoe it’s interesting because it’s a classic value play. It’s a depressed multiple applied to a depressed earnings profile. Right now the stock is so inexpensive it’s almost like a call option.”

- Lawrence Creatura, Clover Capital

Your Best Trades Now
Investing in high yield bonds, with Greg Hopper, Julius Baer Global Bond Fund portfolio manager

Investing in High-Yield Bonds

“It sounds like it has all the things that people should be afraid of right now, but if you really look closely at Allison [Transmission], it makes automatic transmissions, it has a near monopoly on this market, and although it’s highly leveraged with that monopoly, it’s been throwing enough cash flow even early on here.”

- Greg Hopper, Julius Baer Global High Income Fund

Recession-Proof Your Portfolio
History can help keep your money safe during a recession, with Bill Bergman, Morningstar stock strategist

Going Fast

“It's Fastenal actually near an all-time high, but we still think it's a buy. It's a company that actually grows during recessions, an industrial supplies distributor that's sensitive to housing and to the conditions in manufacturing."

- Bill Bergman, Morningstar stock strategist

Bergman also likes: Lowe's.

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