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Emmy and Grammy Award-winning comedian Jimmy Fallon brings a high-tempo energy to the NBC franchise with his welcoming interview style, love of audience participation, spot-on impersonations and innovative sketches. "The Tonight Show" continues to be home to big-name celebrity guests and a stage for top musical and comedic talent.

Wednesday,April 23, - 00.00 CET
Cameron Diaz

Thursday,April 24, - 00.00 CET
Dr. - Dr. Phil McGraw

Friday, April 25, - 00.00 CET
Jamie Foxx

Saturday, April 26,- 21.00 CET (Rpt)
David Duchovny

Saturday, April 26,- 21.45 CET (Rpt)
Dr. Phil McGraw

Saturday, April 26,- 22.30 CET (Rpt)
January Jones

Sunday, April 27, - 21.00 CET (Rpt)
Brian Williams

Sunday, April 27, - 21.45 CET (Rpt)
Cameron Diaz

Sunday, April 27, - 22.30 CET (Rpt)
Samuel L. Jackson

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