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  • *Iran insurance market $9 bln, may double in next decade. LONDON, Oct 21- Western insurers are slowly reaching deals with Iran as they seek to re-enter a multi-billion dollar market although the pace of business is hampered by banking restrictions ten months on from the lifting of international sanctions. Shut out of international financial markets for years,...

  • CAIRO— Egypt has made fighting Islamic militants its overriding foreign policy objective, a decision that has brought it closer to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russia and Iran, in turn antagonizing its chief financial backer, Saudi Arabia. The policy is risky at a time when Egypt is struggling to contain a homegrown Islamic insurgency and tackling its worst...

  • The world’s second-largest economy is conflicted as far as an OPEC production cut is concerned, one analyst told CNBC.

  • *Political infighting in Tehran slows process. *Iran sits on tenth of global oil reserves. TEHRAN/ ISTANBUL, Oct 20- Two years after Iran pledged to open up its oil industry in anticipation of the lifting of sanctions, foreign companies say they still have little information about Iranian oil fields and contract terms, hindering investment decisions.

  • LONDON, Oct 18- Vodafone has agreed a partnership with Iranian internet firm HiWeb to help modernise its network, the companies said on Tuesday, making the British company the latest Western firm to enter Iran after sanctions were lifted. Vodafone, the world's second-largest mobile phone company, said the agreement to help modernise HiWEB's network and IT...

  • *India set to top China as No.1 Iran buyer with record volumes. *Hungary, Portugal buy from Iran 1st time since sanctions lifted. Iran is seeking to raise its crude and condensate production to more than 5 million bpd by 2020, with its deputy oil minister saying on Monday that Iran's output was now almost sufficient to agree to the group limit planned last month by...

  • TEHRAN, Iran— Iran's national oil company said Monday that it has offered 50 oil and gas fields to international bidders, the first time it has done so since last year's landmark nuclear deal with world powers. Iran has been trying to restore its oil industry since emerging from international sanctions over its nuclear program earlier this year.

  • A truck reverses while delivering rocks to a development site on Marine Drive in Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan, a cornerstone of China's One Belt, One Road project.

    Big, well-funded development efforts are under way in Eurasia and Asia, making it a great hunting ground knowledgeable EM investors.

  • An elderly Syrian man and a child walk amidst debris in a residential block reportedly hit by an explosives-filled barrel dropped by a government forces helicopter.

    Russia said all participants in talks had agreed Syrians should decide their own future, after the meeting ended without a breakthrough.

  • TEHRAN, Iran— Iran will invite foreign companies to bid for oil and gas projects for the first time since last year's landmark nuclear deal with world powers, the Oil Ministry said Sunday. It will be the first time Iran offers an international tender for oil and gas projects since the nuclear deal went into effect in January. Iran had previously said that priority...

  • John Kerry met with leaders from Russia and seven other countries, but the talks failed to secure a ceasefire.

  • US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz speaks during a press conference at the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, April 1, 2016.

    Ernest Moniz on Thursday said Russia is forcing the United States to focus on its nuclear security.

  • A train in Astana, Kazakhstan, that's part of a service linking northern China's Inner Region with Kazakhstan.

    China needs trains to cross through Afghanistan in order to link all the parts of its "One Belt, One Road" trade corridor.

  • LONDON, Oct 13- Nine months after sanctions on Iran were lifted, some of the world's biggest traders have yet to strike major oil deals with the OPEC member, stymied by Tehran's tough stance on marketing its crude and restrictions on dollar trades. "It's still very difficult," Ian Taylor, chief executive of commodity trading house Vitol, said. Taylor said that while...

  • People work at the Halfaya oilfield in Amara, southeast of Baghdad, Iraq.

    Three OPEC members expected to be exempt from a deal to cap production and Iraq increased output by a combined 300,000 barrels a day in September.

  • OPEC debate about timing: UAE Minister

    Suhail al-Mazroui, UAE minister for energy, says that he is optimistic about commitment from OPEC to addressing the global supply glut.

  • Iran will take part in the production cut: OPEC SecGen

    Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, secretary general of OPEC, talks about the recent agreement in Algiers to reduce oil production.

  • Pressure on for Saudi Arabia in oil deal: Expert

    It's up Saudi Arabia to do the heavy lifting for any sort of agreement to work, says Matt Smith, director of commodity research at ClipperData.

  • WASHINGTON, Oct 10- New guidance from the Obama administration offers reassurance to foreign banks which have been skittish about doing U.S. dollar transactions with Iran, lawyers and former sanctions officials said on Monday. The guidance comes after months of complaints from Tehran, which says that remaining U.S. sanctions have frightened away trade...

  • LONDON, Oct 10- Missile attacks from Yemen on Western military craft risk spilling over into nearby busy sea lanes which could disrupt oil supplies and also other vital goods passing through the tense area, shipping and insurance sources say. The route is among the world's busiest and used by major shipping groups such as container line Maersk and oil tanker...