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  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

    Turkey's bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq has diverted attention from "exploratory talks" for a new governing coalition. However, Turkey's president is almost certainly seeking to reassert himself as Turkey's de facto executive.

  • Tough times strike Saudi Arabia’s millionaires Monday, 27 Jul 2015 | 10:35 AM ET

    Turmoil in the Middle East, an unimpressive international stock market debut and tumbling oil prices will hit the wealth of Saudi Arabia's richest in years to come, according to a new report from WealthInsight.

  • Delighted US sending more troops: UK PM's trade envoy to Iraq

    Baroness Nicholson, the U.K. prime minister's trade envoy to Iraq and chair of the Iraq Brtain Business Council, says she's delighted that the U.S. has committed to sending more troops to Iraq.

  • US to send extra troops to Iraq Thursday, 11 Jun 2015 | 2:20 AM ET
    US to send extra troops to Iraq

    CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses U.S. plans to send 450 more troops to Iraq.

  • Could OPEC be ready for a production hike? Friday, 5 Jun 2015 | 3:01 AM ET
    Iraq oil

    Two different oil ministers from OPEC have suggested the cartel could raise its production target.

  • Europe, Canada face rising terror threat Monday, 25 May 2015 | 8:22 AM ET
    ISIS fighter, North American ISIS fighter, Islamic State

    Developed countries across Europe are becoming more vulnerable to terrorism, mostly due to the rising power of the Islamic State and other Islamist extremist groups.

  • Will Kurdistan sell oil if Baghdad doesn’t pay? Monday, 25 May 2015 | 6:41 AM ET
    Workers check the valves at the Taq Taq oil field in Arbil, Iraq, in this Aug. 16, 2014 photo.

    Iraq's Kurdistan region will sell its oil independently of Baghdad if the national government does not pay the money it owes, the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government told CNBC.

  • Obama sends 1,500 more troops to battle ISIS in Iraq Monday, 10 Nov 2014 | 1:35 AM ET
    Obama sends 1,500 more troops to battle ISIS in Iraq

    U.S. President Barack Obama said that 1,500 more troops will be deployed in Iraq to battle ISIS militants. CNBC's Hadley Gamble reports on whether this could signal "mission creep".

  • US shouldn’t divulge IS combat plans: Saudi prince Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 | 5:42 AM ET
    ISIS ISIL Iraq

    Saudi Arabia's ex-head of intelligence has criticized U.S. anti-terrorism tactics, saying Obama was wrong to rule out troops in Syria and Iraq.

  • Remembering the Sept. 11 attacks Thursday, 11 Sep 2014 | 12:00 PM ET
    Remembering the Sept. 11 attacks

    Thirteen years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the nation pauses to reflect on the nearly 3,000 people killed in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93.

  • Geopolitical risks weigh on markets Monday, 11 Aug 2014 | 7:35 AM ET
    Geopolitical risks weigh on markets

    Kevin Book, Clearview Partners, and Kathy Lien, BK Asset Management, share their outlook on oil prices and the currency markets amid growing global risk.

  • Oil companies evacuate Iraq workers Monday, 11 Aug 2014 | 7:32 AM ET
    Oil companies evacuate Iraq workers

    Major oil companies are pulling non-essential staff members out of the Middle East, reports CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis.

  • Iraq is aflame, oil prices aren't—not yet anyway Monday, 7 Jul 2014 | 9:24 AM ET

    One would think Iraq's instability would prompt a price spike. Instead, ​they're about where they were a year ago.

  • US right to send help to Iraqis: UK's Tony Blair Monday, 7 Jul 2014 | 1:40 AM ET
    US right to send help to Iraqis: UK's Tony Blair

    Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair tells NBC that the U.S. was right to send troops to Iraq but extremism in the Middle East is a "long-term" problem.

  • Without Iraq oil, we could see $200 crude: Pickens Friday, 13 Jun 2014 | 2:41 PM ET
    T. Boone Pickens

    Take Iraq's oil out of the marketplace, and crude prices will go way higher than they are now, T. Boone Pickens told CNBC on Friday.

  • Former envoy says airstrikes needed on Iraqi rebels Thursday, 12 Jun 2014 | 6:06 PM ET
    An armored vehicle belonging to Iraqi security forces is in  flames after hundreds of militants launched a major assault.

    James Jeffrey, the former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, said the U.S. needs to deploy air power to stop the escalating violence in Iraq.

  • CIA spying on Senate leaders? Tuesday, 11 Mar 2014 | 1:28 PM ET
    CIA spying on Senate leaders?

    CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on accusations by Senate leaders of the CIA hacking into Senate computers during the Iraq war.

  • Syria Has a Driver's Seat, and the US Isn't In It Thursday, 30 May 2013 | 3:45 PM ET
    Protestors wave Free Syria's flags and chant slogans during a demonstration.

    There is no favorable outcome in Syria at this point—only the least unfavorable—and even that will not likely be dictated by Washington.

  • Iraq: 10 Years On Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 8:21 PM ET
    Iraq: 10 Years On

    A decade has passed since the U.S. invaded Iraq in pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. CNBC goes over some of the memorable sights and sounds from that conflict.

  • John Brennan

    While in the private sector John Brennan, President Obama’s nominee to be director of the CIA, was working for a corporate parent that was looking business from Chinese companies while it labored on sensitive US security operations.