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Liza Tan

Supervising Producer, CNBC Asia


  • Charles Chao, chief executive officer of Sina Corp., attends an IPO ceremony for Weibo Corp.
    By: Liza Tan

    I'm concentrating on monetizing Chinese internet portal Sina and microblog Weibo, not selling them, Sina boss Charles Chao tells CNBC.

  • Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak
    By: Liza Tan

    Even in the face of growing debt levels, Malaysia is confident that its fiscal house is in order.

  • By: Liza Tan

    "A Fund Affair" is a brand new column that focuses on mutual funds available in Asia. Each week, we will highlight one fund we think is interesting -- whether because it's invested in a hot market, has a niche appeal or simply has been in the news of late.Our inaugural column features the Aberdeen Asset Management's India Opportunities Fund. Why this fund? A hot topic of debate of late has been the outsourcing of business processes to India. India's benefited from these many contracts. So we decided to explore what India and its economy has to offer the investor and how well Indian companies have performed of late.