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Harvard Business School. One of the most influential schools in the world. For 100 years, it's been turning out Fortune 500 CEOs, Hollywood moguls and Wall Street wizards. But, what's it really like to go to Harvard Business School?

Inside Harvard Business School

  • The Stress

    CEO Superstars remember that nervous feeling during the first years at HBS.

  • Harvard Business School Vocabulary

    From Chip Shot to Cold Call, HBS Students decode their language.

  • The Future for Harvard B-School Grads

    Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and HBS Career Counselor Jana Kierstead share advice with students in a struggling economy.

Web Extras

  • The Harvard Business School was incorporated in 1908 but it wasn’t until 1924 with the help of a $5 million fundraising campaign that construction of a campus began at its present location.

    What's it really like to go to Harvard Business School? CNBC's Carl Quintanilla takes a special look inside the "West Point of capitalism" as it commemorates its centennial.

  • Against the Odds

    HBS graduate Kathy Giusti's journey from business plan to fighting cancer.

  • Harvard Business School Grad Michael Lynton

    Sony Pictures CEO and HBS grad, Michael Lynton discusses the business of show business.

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  • Carl Quintanilla

    Carl Quintanilla is an Emmy-winning reporter and co-anchor of CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," broadcast live from the NYSE.