Shark Tank judge Robert Herjavec: This is the best time to start your business

Herjavec on 'magic of Apple' & the cloud
Herjavec on 'magic of Apple' & the cloud
Robert Herjavec on "Shark Tank."
Tony Rivetti | ABC

One of the biggest decisions entrepreneurs make is choosing the right time to take the plunge on a business idea, but one "Shark Tank" judge says the answer is simple: now.

"This is still the best time in history to start a business and the only security you have in life is yourself," said Robert Herjavec on CNBC on Tuesday.

The Herjavec Group founder and CEO said small businesses are booming across America, as people launch their own ventures.

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"We are seeing that in little towns," he noted. "They want to create a great future for themselves."

Many aspirational business owners may be turned off by the current political climate and other challenges. While Herjavec admits "uncertainty is bad for small businesses," he urges individuals to move forward.

"The best investment you can make is actually not the stock market, it's in your own education—in yourself—and starting a business is the easiest and best time to do that," he said.