Want to start the next Facebook? Here's Mark Zuckerberg's best advice

Mark Zuckerberg
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If Mark Zuckerberg had to start again as a teenager, he'd still build something similar to the Facebook that we know today.

"The way that I think about building a company is that it's all about what change do you want to make in the world," the Facebook CEO said during a live question and answer session via Facebook on Tuesday.

Zuckerberg told viewers that he initially built the social network because he wanted to bring people at his college together, and if he had to start over today, he'd still be working on connecting people around the world.

Mark Zuckerberg as he appeared on his Facebook Live Q&A, June 14, 2016.
Source: Facebook

"That's really what I care about," he said, "making the world more open and connected."

Zuckerberg noted that if he were to build Facebook today, he'd probably use a mobile application or any "other future technology," but the core concept would remain the same — and that's where a lot of business leaders stumble. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to look at entrepreneurship as building a business, he said.

"They decide that they want to build a company rather than thinking about what change they want to make in the world," Zuckerberg told viewers. "Once you know what change you want to make in the world, all of the tactics and strategies for how you do that just fit into that change."

The 32-year-old billionaire urged the audience to focus on the things that they care about and translate them into a business.

"That, I think is the key thing," Zuckerberg said.

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