Watch Jay Leno get into a terrifying car crash while taping his show

Jay Leno walks away from terrifying crash

Car enthusiast and comedian Jay Leno was visibly shaken after getting into a car crash while filming an upcoming episode of CNBC's "Jay Leno's Garage," but he recovered quickly.

In the video above, you can see Leno at Irwindale Track two-wheel stunt driving in a Hemi Under Glass with legendary stunt driver Bob Riggle.

In the episode, which airs on Wednesday, Leno can be heard saying it is "2,500 horsepower on two wheels. What could go wrong?" as Riggle, now 80 years old, revs the engine.

Leno is in the passenger seat when Riggle loses control and the car rolls over twice.

Luckily, no one was hurt, and Leno was even cracking jokes at the end.

Riding in a stunt car with Riggle has been on Leno's bucket list since he was a kid. When he gets out of the car, he says, smiling, "Oh yeah, I'm fine. It doesn't get more exciting than that."

Video by Sophie Bearman.

Jay Leno's Garage airs Wednesdays 10P ET/PT.

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