Adventure Capitalists - 'Coastal Forest' Gallery

Meet Richard and Juli Rhett, the creators of Nubé, a cloud-like tent system.

Nubé allows you to pitch a tent just about anywhere, without having to worry about rough terrain or rain.

For every product theY sell, Nubé donates 2.5% to the creation of fresh water wells in Central America.

Susi and Dahani try out the Nubé in a simulated rain shower. It works! Both of them stay dry!

Everyone made an offer but Susi is the only adventure capitalist to walk away with a deal.

Meet Melvin McCoy. He is from Memphis, TN and his invention is the Mule, a user-propelled load-assisting device, or a backpack with wheels.

Melvin says that the Mule can carry twice the normal load than average. Even in the forest.

A big part of Melvin's inspiration is his older brother who served in Vietnam.

Susi tries to pull herself over a log with the Mule strapped to her back but her movements almost tip them both over. Only Dahani is willing to make an offer. He offers to buy a Mule for $500 and test it out on his own but Melvin refuses.

The Bixpy jet is surprisingly powerful given its small size. Good news if you want to take your Bixpy on vacation with you.

The investors have an impromptu meeting to talk about how they might be able to help Houman.

Craig makes an offer that includes all of the adventure capitalists. They all want to get in on Bixpy. After a bit of back and forth, they reach a deal and Houman couldn't be happier!

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