How 'Shark Tank' helped this bagel company hit $2 million and get a deal with Starbucks

Nick and Elyse Oleksak with Lori Greiner (center).
Source: Bantam Bagels

When Nick and Elyse Oleksak worked in corporate finance, they would watch the hit reality pitch show "Shark Tank" every Friday night. Nick would call Elyse from work on Monday with his ideas for starting their own business.

"She would tell me they were terrible," says Nick. Until one night in May 2012 when Nick dreamed up the idea to make mini bagel balls stuffed with cream cheese. That, Elyse says, she knew was genius. They were both instantly obsessed.

"We were both doing fine and had no reason to go out on our own other than just wanting to chase the American dream and really go forge our own destiny," Nick tells CNBC. "We were really inspired by 'Shark Tank.'"

The perseverance of the 'Shark Tank' fan is unmatched.
Nick Oleksak
co-owner of Bantam Bagels

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