How the term 'entrepreneur' could alienate your best talent

Don't let this common phrase alienate your best talent

Entrepreneurship is in vogue, but entrepreneurs aren't always the hoodie-clad Silicon Valley types you might imagine.

Indeed, "entrepreneur" doesn't — and shouldn't — only describe company founders, said Bonin Bough, host of CNBC's "Cleveland Hustles" and the former chief media and e-commerce officer at Mondelez International.

"There are so many amazing thinkers who work inside of existing Fortune 100s, existing Fortune 500s," he said. "Just because they're not out there creating their own business doesn't mean that they're not entrepreneurial."

Bonin Bough
Maarten de Boer | Getty Images

Bough believes more appreciation should be paid to workers at established companies.

"We have to stop alienating an entire group of people who, by the way, are still creating some of the biggest brands ... and helping things grow around the world," the former Fortune "40 under 40" executive said.

Bough thinks larger companies should seek to praise "intrapreneurs," or employees with a sense of ownership and tenacity to take on big projects within the organization.

"Just because they're not one proprietor [or] they're not doing it on their own doesn't mean that they're not entrepreneurial," Bough said. "Entrepreneurship is really a mindset."

CNBC's "Cleveland Hustles" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT.

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