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'House of Cards' star Michael Kelly: Success isn't always about money

'House of Cards' star Michael Kelly: How I define success
'House of Cards' star Michael Kelly: How I define success

For Michael Kelly, who plays the power-hungry Doug Stamper on "House of Cards," success isn't about how much money you have.

Setting and achieving goals is more important, Kelly told CNBC.

"My mom always told me to set goals for myself," he said. "And slowly going through and checking those things off of my list, that feels like success to me."

While he enjoys attending red carpet events with the "House of Cards" cast, Kelly said material wealth shouldn't be the goal.

Actor Michael Kelly
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"I don't think [success] is always measured by monetary things," he said. "It's more what you see yourself wanting out of your life and then getting those things."

Kelly said his parents played a huge role in his outlook and, ultimately, his success.

"First and foremost, it's my mom and dad who gave me the foundation, the belief in me that I could do anything," Kelly said.

Video by Jeff Morganteen.