Cleveland Hustles: 'Location, Location, Location' Gallery

LeBron James takes a break from his busy schedule to offer his congratulations to all of the winning entrepreneurs. It's a bucket list moment for all of them!

At a group dinner to introduce all the entrepreneurs to each other, things seem to be going well until Alan Glazen tells everyone they need to leave and get back to work.

Kathy Futey and Bonin Bough aren't too happy about the space that Anne Hartnett has chosen as the headquarters of Groundswell Yoga. They think the gutted space will take way too much time to rehab.

Alan and the founders of the Cleveland Bagel Company (Dan Herbst and Geoff Hardman) meet with a team of architects to plan the build out of their Gordon Square retail location.

Jonathon Sawyer and the creators of Fount (Phillip and Jaclyn Watcher) take a look at some fabulous retail space. They love the space but it's expensive. Can Jonathon talk them down?

Kumar Arora and the Old City Soda team (Sean Adkins and Mike Gulley) check out the same space that Fount is considering. The two companies might partner up to split the space.

Kathy and Anne meet with the owner of the gutted warehouse space to talk about options. If they do a build out of the roof deck first, it just might work out. Thankfully, he's an architect.

Bonin stops by to talk to Alan and the Cleveland Bagel guys about their decision to move 20 blocks outside of Gordon Square.

Sean, Kumar and Bonin fly to LA to meet with LA Libations, a well-known beverage incubator.

Note the confusion on the faces of founders of LA Libations. They've taken more than 200 beverage meetings in the past year but only Old City Soda showed up without samples of the product. Yikes.

Kumar and Sean have a serious chat. After Sean's lackluster performance at the LA Libations meeting, Kumar isn't sure he made the right decision.

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