The top 10 skills that will get you hired

Ten most in demand skills
Ten most in demand skills

LinkedIn's new list of top skills for 2017 confirms what experts have been saying for years.

Tech skills are more important than ever, as digital advancements have radically transformed the working world.

"While some skills expire every couple of years, our data strongly suggests that tech skills will still be needed for years to come in every industry," LinkedIn career expert Catherine Fisher said in the report.

The world's largest professional social network analyzed hiring and recruiting activity on its platform between Jan. 1 and Sept. 1. Analysts then identified the skills that belonged to members who were more likely to start new jobs and receive interest from recruiters.

Here are the 10 most in-demand skills.

10. Java development

If you can write Java code, you're in high demand.

Java developers work on the code for games, software and mobile applications and internet programs. They usually hold a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field and earn about $71,000 per year, according to PayScale.

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9. Algorithm design

Algorithm design is about creating the software commands that are at the heart of computer science.

Most job descriptions related to algorithm design require a degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering or computer science, according to Glassdoor postings.

Relevant jobs pay $72,000 to $136,000, recent job postings show.

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8. Web architecture and development

Web architecture is the art of designing the technical, aesthetic and functional layout of websites. Web architects make an average of $98,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Recommended degrees to get this skill include computer programming, computer science or related subjects, according to recent job postings.

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7. Middleware and integration software

This skill involves working with middleware, or the software that "glues together" separate, often complicated computer programs.

Relevant jobs include software engineer, with an average salary of $70,000, and information technology manager, with an average salary of $117,000, among other higher level positions. | Getty Images

6. Network information security

Big and small companies alike need people who can investigate and protect information stored on their computer networks.

Related jobs include security architect ($119,000) and security IT consultant ($82,000).

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5. User interface design

User interface design is all about making an application or program usable for customers. Products are increasingly data-driven, which means that employers need people who can make it easy for customers to interact with their products, the report notes.

User interface design has become a more important skill over the past few years. It didn't make 2014's list, came in at No. 7 last year, and jumped two spaces to No. 5 this year.

These technical designers make an average of $96,000, according to Glassdoor.

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4. Storage systems and management

This skill is about making sure information systems and networks stay organized and run smoothly.

Jobs include a systems administrator ($61,000), storage engineer ($86,000) and senior storage engineer, ($101,000).

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3. Mobile development

IPhone and Android software and apps don't magically appear. Mobile developers build everything that makes you love and depend on your smartphone.

Mobile applications developers make a median of $72,000.

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2. Statistical analysis and data mining

Data sets provide treasure troves of information for all types of companies. If you can sift through and analyze data, you'll be able to take your pick of positions. Data scientists make a median of $93,000.

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1. Cloud and distributed computing

Managing, organizing and distributing hosted services over the cloud is this year's most sought-after skill, according to LinkedIn. It was also the top skill in 2015.

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are all looking for employees with this training, and these jobs offer $95,000 and $131,000, according to Payscale.

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