5 free online classes that will help you get hired

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For the next five days, you can take hundreds of online classes for free on LinkedIn, the online professional network of over 450 million people.

LinkedIn's "Week of Learning" is offering access to hundreds of videos and tutorials for users through Oct. 30. If you've wanted to explore a new skill, specifically one that could get you hired, this is a great time to do it.

While you're at it, why not learn about a skill that employers are looking for? A recent report by the professional network analyzed hiring and recruiting activity over the past year and found that skills like cloud computing and mobile development are in demand.

While these skills are very technical in nature, an introduction to them could pique your interest.

1. Cloud and distributed computing

Managing, organizing and distributing hosted services over the cloud is the most sought-after skill right now, according to LinkedIn. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are looking for employees with this training.

Cloud computing first look

Understand cloud computing

The three main cloud computing scenarios

2. Data science

According to Jake Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of education start-up General Assembly, data skills are what employers are looking for.

"Right now we're seeing demand for data skills," Schwartz told CNBC in August. "Data skills, analytics, data science — things around that [are] exploding at just an incredible rate."

Become a data scientist

Introduction to data science

25-year-old CEO: What it really takes to be successful

3. Mobile development

iPhone and Android software developers build everything that makes you love and depend on your smartphone. Mobile development was ranked No. 3 on LinkedIn's top skills for 2017.

Become an iOS app developer

iOS app development: Essential courses

Android app development essential training

4. Data visualization

All sorts of companies need professionals to help present information neatly and coherently. Freelance platform Upwork included data visualization in its list of the top 20 most-in demand skills for freelancers.

Data visualization storytelling essentials

Designing a data visualization

Up and running with public data sets

5. UI/UX design

Products are increasingly data-driven, which means that employers need people who can make it easy for customers to interact with their products, LinkedIn reports. User interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design are all about making an application or program usable for customers. User interface design was ranked the No. 5 most in-demand skill this year by LinkedIn.

Learn sketch: The basics

Become a user experience designer

Interaction design fundamentals

To learn more about the skills employers are looking for, check out "The top 10 skills that will get you hired."

Thomas Barwick | Getty Images
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