Cleveland Hustles: 'Open for Business'

Bonin Bough, the show's host, stops by to check in on Mike and Sean, the founders of Old City Soda. The space doesn't look good but they're confident they can get the construction done in time. They are not as sure about the proper permits.

Sean looks stressed because it's opening day and he still doesn't have the liquor license they need to serve alcohol. He's on the phone with his wife who has to get the permit and then drive two hours back to Old City Soda.

Old City Soda is open for business! Even better, Kumar Arora (the Old City Soda investor) has brought a friend: Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden. Nice!

Bonin Bough, the show's host, stops by to see how Dan and Geoff are coming along. The construction is almost done but Bonin has a concern. He's worried that the used equipment they ordered online may not work.

Murphy's Law is in effect. Not only is the air conditioning suddenly not working but the tilting skillet they ordered online needs to be fixed as well. It's a lot to do in a little bit of time.

Despite Murphy's Law, the Cleveland Bagel Company is open for business. Since they didn't get the right permits, they can't sell anything but at least they had a huge turnout.

Bonin Bough, the show's host, does a walk through of Fount with Phillip and Jaclyn Watcher. They are the furthest along. Their biggest concern is finding some liquor to give away since they can't use any of Old City Soda's libations.

On opening night, Phillip and Jaclyn Watcher look happy even though they are both very tired. They have their game faces on to greet the customers.

Success! Phillip and Jaclyn Watcher celebrate with their investor Jonathon Sawyer and the show's host Bonin Bough. They've got plenty to be happy about. In their first night they did almost $20K in sales.

Anne, the founder of Groundswell Yoga Studio, and her husband show Bonin Bough what they have in mind for their first free yoga class. It seems like a good idea, as long as she can get the deck finished in time.

Rain, rain, go away. In Cleveland it rains almost half the year, so it's no surprise when it starts raining on the day Anne planned to open Groundswell. Fortunately, it clears up by the time class begins.

Supporters swallow Anne during her all white grand opening party. It looks like fun but Anne is also keeping her eyes on the bottom line by signing people up for founding memberships.

When it's all said and done, all of the investors and the entrepreneurs are excited about the Cleveland Hustles experience. Bonin Bough raises a glass to toast their success. It's been a long journey and it can only get better from here.

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