Make Me A Millionaire Inventor: 'Athletic Ambition' Gallery

George Zidan meets with Curtis, the inventor of the Lazer 900, a digital basketball-training tool.

With the Lazer 900 telling him when to dribble and how, George picks up a few on-the-court basketball skills.

George has some concrete ideas about how to improve the Lazer 900, but first he has to get the heavy machine into the Bluefish Concepts offices.

Curtis loves the new, improved version of his Lazer 900. This one actually looks like a basketball hoop!

At a local youth basketball gym, kids instantly fall in love with the Lazer 900 and Curtis discovers a new sales audience.

Despite his love for the product itself, Patrick Chung (the investor) can't invest without knowing that Curtis is going to scale up by hiring people.

Deanne follows Ryan to his neighbor's house where he stores Mr. Hoverboard, an invention that allows the user to glide above the ground without wheels.

Deanne gives Mr. Hoverboard a try. Overall, the hoverboard does pretty well although it doesn't glide very far without scraping the ground.

When Deanne tries to ride Mr. Hoverboard into Bluefish Concepts, things don't go well, but at least the invention has been delivered.

Once Ryan sees the Bluefish version of Mr. Hoverboard he can't wait to pick it up and try it—right in the office!

When Deanne and Ryan take Mr. Hoverboard to a local skate park, it doesn't take long for the kids to adapt to the technology. Ryan seems to have found his audience.

Ryan didn't get an investor on the show but he shares with Deanne that he learned a lot about ownership and how to better appeal to investors.

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