The top 10 Canadian jobs Americans are applying to right now

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands with President Barack Obama during a welcoming ceremony to the White House for an official visit March 10, 2016, in Washington, D.C.
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Some Americans are quietly considering jobs in Canada as the presidential election draws closer.

The number of Americans looking for jobs across the border has increased a whopping 58 percent since last year, jobs posting platform Monster Worldwide has found.

But what kinds of professionals are searching up north? LinkedIn, the world's largest online professional network, took a look at its own data to find out.

These are the jobs that the site has determined have received the highest number of applicants from U.S.-based users over the past 30 days. The median salaries are listed in Canadian dollars, and the current exchange rate is $1 U.S. to $1.34 Canadian.

1. Project manager

These professionals are responsible for leading a project from start to finish and involves planning, managing and coordinating people and resources.

There are more than 2,000 job postings for project managers in Canada, with a median salary of $86,000 up north.

2. Software developer

Software developers design, program and test computer software.

There are about 4,000 job postings for software developers in Canada, with a median salary of $71,000.

3. Business analyst

This professional analyzes an organization or business, whether it's real or hypothetical, and provides research onto a business model.

There are approximately 1,000 job postings for business analysts in Canada, with a median salary of $70,000.

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4. Software engineer

This type of engineer analyzes a user's needs and designs and tests software programs.

There are more than 4,500 job postings for software engineers in Canada, with a median salary of $75,000.

5. Financial analyst

Financial analysts examine a business' or other entity's financial strength and reports on whether or not it is solvent or a smart investment.

There are about 500 job postings for financial analysts in Canada with a median salary of $65,000.

6. Marketing manager

A marketing manager is an advertising and communications professional in charge of a product or brand, or can be a general manager responsible for multiple products.

There are nearly 1,000 job postings for marketing managers in Canada, with a median salary of $76,000.

7. Product manager

A product manager lays out the strategy and maps a path to create a product.

There are about 500 listings for product managers, with a median salary of $87,000.

Just one in eight start-up CEOs are women and the most highly compensated executive roles continue to be dominated by men.
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8. Data analyst

Data analysts help businesses use large amounts of information to make decisions and solve problems.

There are about 200 job postings for data analysts in Canada, with a median salary of $59,000.

9. Mechanical engineer

A mechanical engineer designs, trouble shoots and helps create everything from small machines like micro chips to large systems like spacecrafts.

There are approximately 200 job listings for mechanical engineers in Canada, with a median salary of $77,000.

10. Graphic designer

Graphic designers convey information or ideas visually.

There are more than 200 job postings for graphic designers in Canada, with a median salary of $46,500.

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