The No. 1 way rich people view the world differently than the average person

Rich people use these 6 mental tricks to make more money

Self-made millionaire Steve Siebold spent 26 years interviewing some of the wealthiest people in the world before boiling down his findings in the book "How Rich People Think."

He found that there are countless ways the rich view the world differently — they have different beliefs, philosophies and strategies.

Perhaps the most striking difference isthat rich people believe money is earned throughthinking, while the average person believes money isearned through time and labor.

Self-made millioniare Steve Siebold
Courtesy of Steve Siebold

Most people "believe the only way to earn more money is to work more hours," Siebold writes. Meanwhile, "the rich know that creative thinking is the highest paid skill in the world."

High earners believe money flows from ideas and finding solutions to universal problems, he says: "The bigger the solution, the bigger the paycheck. … Making money may not be easy, but it is simple."

Siebold isn't the only one who believes getting rich starts with your mindset. It's a concept that journalist Napoleon Hill preached in his 1937 personal finance classic "Think and Grow Rich," the culmination of his research on 500 self-made millionaires.

"Riches begin in the form of thought!" Hill wrote. "The amount is limited only by the person in whose mind the thought is put into motion. Faith removes limitations!"

At the end of the day, "the secret has always been the same: thinking," Siebold emphasizes.