Author Tim Ferriss has interviewed over 100 ultra-successful people and says they all share one habit

Tim Ferriss' 'Tools of Titans': The habits and routines of billionaires

Bestselling author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss has interviewed hundreds of ultra-successful people, from billionaires and professional athletes to chess prodigies, on his podcast.

His latest book, "Tools of Titans," explores the daily routines and habits of world-class performers. And the most successful people share one, peculiar habit, Ferriss tells CNBC: They ask "seemingly absurd questions."

Author Tim Ferriss
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He gives the example of PayPal co-founder and self-made billionaire Peter Thiel, who has "quite a collection" of questions that seem out of left field.

Ferriss says of Thiel: "He would ask himself and other people, 'Why can't you accomplish your 10-year plan in the next six months?' And then would actually contemplate that and use it to question assumptions."

The most successful individuals are motivated by three things, Ferriss says: "Some people hate to lose, some people love to win, and others are just scratching their own itch."

He adds, "I think a lot of people who have done the best financially are just scratching an itch — a need that they had or some problem that they wanted to solve."

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