Blue Collar Millionaires: Tow Fetish Slideshow

Husband and wife Vince and Vanice Serrano used a $20,000 investment to buy one tow truck and a tow yard. Now their business, ASAP Towing, is one of the lead towing companies in Jacksonville, Florida. They take an average of 2,000 calls a month.

One of the additional ways ASAP Towing brings in money is through car auctions. Vince auctions the cars that have been sitting on his lot. As Rick says, "A lot of people see junk. I see green." They auction off around 150 cars every month.

One of the things Vince likes to do during his spare time is take his family out on his $130K speed boat.

High school friends Nick Kovacevich and Dallas Imbimbo took the right risk at the right time and it payed off. Now they are multi-millionaires. Their bottling company, Kush Bottles, creates packaging solutions for the marijuana industry.

Nick and Dallas attribute their success to being better than their competitors and bringing a level of professionalism to the legal cannabis industry. Their products are pharmaceutical grade and child-resistant.

Nick and Dallas are not satisfied with just having one successful company. In 2012, they founded Big Rentz, a company that rents out construction equipment. Combined, their businesses do over $50 million in revenue a year.

Nick uses his money to dote on his fiancée. Nick believes the $115K diamond ring he bought for her is the best purchase he ever made because it got her to say "yes."

Scott Selzer used to be an elementary school teacher but that all changed when he started his company, Arcadia Louvered Roofs, which specializes in custom made louvered roofs.

Now he is able to afford a lifestyle that he previously couldn't on a teacher's salary. One of the things he has is a custom made $100k backyard that includes an Arcadia roof.

As Scott says, "When you start to have people tell you: 'You are doing too much.' You know you are doing the right thing."

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