Blue Collar Millionaires: "The Millionaire Chimney Sweep" Slideshow

Mark Stoner is the owner of Ashbusters Chimney Services, one of the top chimney sweeper companies in the country. He explains how chimney sweeping is a dangerous job due to the health and safety hazards involved. But still, somebody has to do it.

Mark charges around $150 - $200 for a chimney sweep, but explains that repairs are what really brings in the money. He charges around $1,500 - $5,000 for a chimney repair.

Mark spends his money on what he calls "Tennessee toys," which include a $20,000 Arctic Cat ATV, a $22,000 Victory Vision motorcycle and a $29,000 Can-Am Spyder motorcycle.

You could say Mark wrote the book on being a blue collar entrepreneur. His book is called "Blue-Collar Gold: How to Build a Service Business from the Dirt Up" and he hopes it will inspire others to start their own blue collar business.

Hawaiian natives Joe and Kristen Souza's business, Kanile'a 'Ukulele, is known for high-quality, hand-crafted ukuleles; Joe describes them as the "cadillac of ukuleles."

Joe started out as a firefighter, but always loved playing the ukulele so he started apprenticing in making them. Eventually, he started his own business.

Joe shows off the patented true bracing system that Kanile'a 'Ukuleles have.

Joe and Kristen live in a $2.2 million island estate with what Joe describes as "the most beautiful view this island has to offer."

Steve Hightower started out as a janitor, but now he's an oil tycoon worth millions. His company, Hightowers Petroleum Company, is expected to do $1 billion in annual revenue in the next three years.

Steve is also a partner with soccer team, FC Cincinnati. Ever since then, Steve has become quite the soccer fan.

Steve explains that, despite his success, he is still a very humbled individual who is doing the best he can.

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